Hello lovelies! How's it going? Welcome to my little part of the internet!

I’m Lindsay and here is the work I do and why I do it..

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From a super young age I realised that people saw my body as a problem; You see I've always been large, and honestly..?

My body itself has never bothered me but what has, is society’s perceptions of what living in a larger body means.

2018 and I took the internet and just started talking, speaking, typing for anyone who would listen. I started to share my experiences of living in a larger body and something happened..I met a whole community of people who felt just like me and that’s literally where it began.

I found a space that ‘got me’, alongside my posts around fatphobia I would also share posts around my quirky style, my shows and events. The internet became my space.

Within in my first year I worked with plus size clothing brands to advertise their items on my Instagram, my first ever collaboration was with Wonderland Awaits then I found myself in this space where not only people wanted to listen to me but work with me as well?

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Since then, I have gone on to work with several brands including Pink Clove, Yours, Topsy Curvy, Love Honey, Shop Love Cases, Vixen Online, Femtasy, Snag tights and many more.

I have had the absolute pleasure of taking to the stage to speak about my experiences with fatphobia and have given my audiences those penny drop moments. I also have over five years experience stage managing burlesque events.

My first ever show being Tawny Kay Presents who I have since gone on to co-produce other shows with. I have produced – Big Fat Burlesque, Sesh on the Sofa (Charity show) alongside Kayliegh McGlone, Fatphobia within the media - a panellist discussion and THRIVE alongside Heidi Mavir – The Unstoppable woman and most recently Reclaimed Hereford which is my labour of love project,

My activism is all around dismantling fatphobia and society's perceptions of fat bodies enabling me to successfully change opinions and encourage other fat folk to live their best life and rightfully so.